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120mg CBD per ounce - 1 oz or 2 oz  bottle
For animals 20 lbs & under.
Daily Dosage -
1/4 dropper for every 5 lbs. 

Best absorbtionis achieved if given straight into mouth, but can be put in food or on treat.Best if used daily

Best if used daily
Benefits of CBD Oil - Improve wellness and health, reduce inflammation, increase muscle repair after strenuous exercise, improve circulation, promote bone growth ,reduce pain, relieve allergy symptoms, reduce stress and anxiety (including separation anxiety), reduce nausea, stimulate appetite, lower blood sugar levels, minimize aggression disorders and noise phobias, slow degenerative diseases from aging, increase cognitive function, reduce or to control seizures, inhibit cancer cell growth.

All ingredients and flavors were chosen by my dogs.
MCT Coconut Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Maple Extract
Vanilla Extract

Lolly Popper's Small Pet Oil